Fun Facts

Since 1959, Dinah's has served over 20 Million customers.
About time to hire a second waitress.

Sold over 1000,000,000 pieces of our Secret Recipe Chicken.
I guess it's true -- we are the best 'cluck' for your buck!

Used over 5,000,000 Apples to make our World Famous Apple Pancakes.
Thank you Washington State!

45 Million Eggs to make breakfast.
Talk about walking on egg shells.

2,000,000 pounds of Bacon & Sausage.
Watch out Porky Pig!

1,5000,000 Pounds of Fish.
Do you think we exceeded our limit?

8 Millions pounds of Potatoes.
YES! the mashed potatoes are fresh.

20,000,000 Pancakes -- need we say more?

500,000 Pies -- no wonder the Baker wants a vacation!

Over 2,000,000 pounds of Beef. Mooooooo.

15,000,000 cups of Coffee. Let's talk about caffeine.

27 Million Dinner Rolls -- now, I think the Baker quit.

Dinhas restaurant
Dinhas family restaurant